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I am Genius Guy 445, and this is my personal wiki. Yep. As I mainly work at the Game Ideas wiki, lots of stuff here is prep for there. But recently, i wanted to add some more stuff here. So I may. Greetings to you visitors, talk to me any time.

We are cool people.

The Game Ideas Wiki is a wiki for describing possible video games. Beginning last year, it was created and then abandoned by it's creator. It's current leader, Ouroborus, a.k.a. SaurianJared, discovered it and began work to fix it up. Soon Beecanoe joined him and the two developed the sight even more. Later, Geniusguy445 joined from an invitation by Beecanoe and the three transformed the wiki into the way it is today. Though there were plenty of obstacles, the trio pushed through and continued working.

Now you can join in and help us! Contact us for more info!

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